Measuring risks (legal opinion) and suggesting the best strategy to settle conflicts, quickly and less costly, i.e., without going to the Courts/Judiciary, through notifications, meetings to negotiate a settlement agreement etc. Enforcement.

Administrative litigation

Preparation of all petitions and documents to attack or defend a trademark, a patent, an industrial design before the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office. Procedure to cancel or transfer domain names (UDRP). Conducting proceedings on abusive or misleading advertising with the CONAR. Registration of copyrighted works. Procedure on counterfeit products before the customs authorities. Arbitration (national and international), conciliation and mediation.


Taking all the necessary steps and actions for perfectly prosecuting a legal proceeding, in all levels (tribunals and superior courts), including, if the best strategy is to settle, negotiating an agreement. Our litigation team is specialized in all matters in respect to corporate law, notably IP disputes.