Patentability analysis

Assessment of invention patentability. This analysis is based on the industrial property law criteria and INPI guidelines, and provides a technical report on the grant chances of the referred invention. This analysis includes a prior art search.

Prior art search

Search in patent databases to assess whether an invention meets the requirements of novelty, inventive step and inventive act as defined by law.


Search carried out in the BPTO patent database, with the goal to find out whether there are any third-party patents claiming the technology of interest in Brazil.

Nominal search

Search carried out in the BPTO patent database using the name of an applicant or owner. Especially interesting for competitors and technology mapping.

Patent application draft and filing

Technical draft of the specification, claims and abstract according to national legal guidelines, followed by the patent application filling with the BPTO.

Technical drawing for patent application

Preparation of technical drawings according to the standards defined by BPTO.

Opposition search

Search in patent databases aiming to find documents capable of impairing a patent grant or cancelling an already granted patent.

Support to the technical examination

There are two types of supports to the technical examination: (1) positive supports, i.e. those that an owner or applicant may file in favor of his/her invention; (2) negative supports, i.e. those that an owner or applicant may present to prevent the grant of a third party patent application.

Reply to a non-final Office Action

After filing a patent application for an invention, it undergoes a long administrative process before its grant. During this process, BPTO may present non-final Office Actions, which relate to errors concerning the document format and standards. This service refers to the elaboration of technical responses to such non-final Office Actions.

Reply to a Rejection Office Action

After the technical examination of an invention, the BPTO can still issue an Office Action rejecting the application. In such Rejection Office Action, the BPTO's examiner will argue for the non-patentability of the invention due to the non-compliance to the legal requirements: novelty or inventive step, for example. In these cases, the solution to the problem is the presentation of a reply to the Rejection.

Appeal against Final Rejection

Even after the Final Rejection of a patent application there are still actions to be implemented. The applicant or owner may file an appeal against the Final Rejection to request the reversal of the situation and obtain the application grant.


Or Administrative Nullity Proceeding, is a petition made to the BPTO to proceed with the nullity of a third-party patent granted in the previous 6 months.

Document translation

Translation of documentation intended for BPTO application filing , official BPTO communications and technical documents in general. Portuguese and English.