Identical search and technical opinion

Analysis of similar trademarks already registered followed by elaboration of an opinion on compliance with trademark registration legal requirements.

Application filing

Documents preparation and trademark registration application filing with the BPTO. Includes monitoring of the registration process and surveillance of conflicting trademarks until the final application grant.

Reply to a non-final Office Action

After filing a trademark application, it undergoes a long administrative process before its grant. During this process, BPTO may present non-final Office Actions, which relate to errors concerning the document format and standards. This service refers to the elaboration of technical responses to such non-final Office Actions.

Opposition against trademark registration

During the trademark registration procedures, any third party who has a legitimate interest in the trademark may file a petition to contest the validity of its registration. MNIP provides specialized services for the preparation of opposition, including interpositions and manifestations.


Even after the final rejection of trademark application it is still possible to file an appeal against such rejection. With that, the owner can request the reversal of the decision and have his/her application grated.


Or Administrative Nullity Proceeding, is a petition made to the BPTO to proceed with the nullity of a third-party patent granted in the previous 6 months.

Expiry request application

Presentation of a trademark's extinction petition. Once a trademark is declared expired, it becomes available for registration by other companies.

Change concerning name and address

Change of the owner/applicant’s name and address, regardless of the number of processes involved.

Ownership transfer

Trademark Owner Change Request. The minimum value of the service includes up to 20 processes.

Official copy of Registration Certificate

Providing official documentation of registration of a trademark.

Registration of advertising expression

Filing of a slogan or phrase published in the media/advertising within an official registry.

Document translation

Translation of documentation intended for BPTO application filing, official BPTO communications and technical documents in general. Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Strategy analysis

Analysis and strategy elaboration for trademarks based on national legal criteria.